Women's Endurance Nordic Skis

This year’s women’s endurance Nordic skis from Salomon are packed with technical innovation to enable you to push yourself harder than you ever believed possible. Whether you’re looking for skating skis, classic cross-country skis, or a pair of skis that will do both, we’ve got you covered with skis that are available on their own or also in ski + binding packages.
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Nordic skiing is considered by experts to be one of the best endurance sports because while some endurance sports only tax one muscle group – legs for marathon runners, arms for swimmers – cross-country skiing is an aerobic sport that relies on maximum output from the entire body. A combination of power, speed and endurance also make it one of the most technically demanding endurance sports on the planet and therefore requires highly specialized cross-country skiing equipment including cross-country ski bindings, cross-country ski boots, cross-country ski poles and cross-country skis. If you’re new to the sport and need help, check out our article on how to choose classic cross-country skis how to choose classic cross-country skis.