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Unisex - Mountaineering

X ALP 23

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X ALP 23
This product is not sold online


Quick access

Zipped back panel lets you access gear while wearing the pack. A bottom Extrem Box fits crampons or rope. Helmet, skis, poles, ice-axe attach externally. 


The ergo flow design keeps the pack close to your body. The belt wraps around you and maintains ventilation. The overall effect is a pack that follows your every move. 

Light and robust 

Tough fabrics and minimalist design are the ground rules for playing fast and light in the mountains. 
X ALP 23
X ALP 23
Moving fast and light is an attitude, a personal choice. The X ALP 23 pack keeps safety in the equation, and is designed to satisfy the most demanding mountaineers in the most extreme situations. Rethinking every detail is a game in itself. Freedom is the ultimate prize. 

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