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I S/RACE PRO Jr SL +Jr Race Pl
I S/RACE PRO Jr SL +Jr Race Pl
I S/RACE PRO Jr SL +Jr Race Pl

I S/RACE PRO Jr SL +Jr Race Pl

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When victory is the final test of performance.
  • Precision
  • Acceleration
  • Stability
Ref: LC5953$
For the next generation of ripping juniors, S/RACE PRO JR SL + Jr Race Plate uses 2 layers of titanium and a 3D Race monocoque construction, to ensure maximum edge grip and race-car acceleration. 
Skier level
Size 131 138
Tail 90 92
Tip 109 111
Waist 64 64
Radius 10 11
Binding option / System
  • L10
  • Race Plate Jr
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Construction & Core / Monocoque Titanium

Active Dampening System made of Titanium brings together performance and control, comfort and confidence on on-piste high performance skis. A titanium barrunning the length of the ski, embedded in a sheath of rubber, substantially diminishes vibrations improves ski to snow contact acceleration.

Construction & Core / Full Woodcore

Full length wood laminates, from tip to tail, giving optimum stability and rebound, while maximizing ski to snow contact and filteering vibrations.

Construction & Core / Slalom Tip Protector

Rocker / Full Camber

Reinforcement / Double Ti Laminate

Double layer of Titanium, one on either side of the core, improves hard snow performance. Increased precision, edge grip, and improved responsiveness.

Specific features / PULSE PAD

A layer of rubber all along the edges and in critical zones of the ski for smoother ride & improved ski-snow contact.

Topsheet / Glossy

Rental / Tail Protector


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