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Unisex - Skiing

I S/RACE PRO 165 + P80

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I S/RACE PRO 165 + P80
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I S/RACE PRO 165 + P80
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Edge Grip

The Edge Amplifier ski-plate construction transmits 100% of your energy to the edge, for unmatched edge grip performance.

Stability and rebound

Race Woodcore, race base, two sheets of Ti, 65mm under foot, full sandwich sidewall construction for stability and power at speed.

Agile precision

A modern shape, with compact tip for more edge contact length, improves precision and makes it easy to flow from turn to turn.
I S/RACE PRO 165 + P80
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I S/RACE PRO 165 + P80
The S/RACE PRO 165 + Race Plate P80 is an adrenaline inducing machine that gives you stability and precision to turn up the speed. Its unique Edge Amplifier Technology is a completely new way of integrating the interface into the ski, delivering power to the edge. It improves edge grip and precision, so you can flow effortlessly between turns.

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