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H S/RACE Jr XS + C5 SR J75
H S/RACE Jr XS + C5 SR J75
H S/RACE Jr XS + C5 SR J75

H S/RACE Jr XS + C5 SR J75

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When victory is the final test of performance.
  • Adapted flex
  • Precision
  • Easy turning
Ref: LC6372$
S/RACE JR XS + C5 SR is a race machine built to provide precision, grip and stability to lighter skiers as they develop race skills. With size-specific flex and interface technology, this is the appropriate race machine for the next generation of champions.
Skier level
Size 70 80 90
Tail 70 74 78
Tip 84 89 94
Waist 63 64 65
Radius 6 7 7
Binding option / System
  • C5 SR
  • Corund
Junior Norm
  • Screw length < 6 mm +/- 0,5
  • Bar coding
  • Tail Protector
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Construction & Core / Monocoque

Single structural layer of fiber. Optimal for comfort, response and maneuverability.

Construction & Core / Composite

Combination of fibers that reduces weight, and adds maneuvrability and forgiveness.

Rocker / Carve Rocker

Developed for performance on hard snow; extra short length, low height rocker profile in the tip, provides instant carving sensations, with easy and precise steering. Camber under foot guarentees stability, edge grip and gives the ski powerful rebound.

Specific features / Easyflex Technology

Ski thickness adaption - less material for a softer Flex under the Binding. Especially made for Kids skis that allows easyturning, faster proggress with less fatigue.


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