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I’m Tony Lamiche, and I’m going to tell you my favorite ski story.

It was a lot of years I’m 40 years old, so maybe when I was 8 or 10 years old. I was starting to learn skiing by myself, more or less. It was in the south, where I live now. I had to side slide the slope because it was too steep for me for my level at this time.

I remember seeing the slope as if it was a 95-degree slope, but it was not. It was a blue slope. And it’s really interesting how the mind changes with the time and with your level. It’s still in my mind because I see this slope, not every day, but very often. And I can remember exactly the feeling and sensation I had at the same place on this blue slope because I was not able to side slide. It’s pretty funny when I compare what I can ski now and sometimes it doesn’t look so steep.