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Sons of a blast

That rush of adrenaline you get from accelerating out of a perfect turn is not just a goal: it’s our way of life. We were born to feel the acceleration and speed up our heartbeat. Now you can experience that feeling thanks to our revolutionary edge amplifier technology.

we are all sons of the blast

we are so many sons of a blast whoever you are it’s time to blow your mind.Join the greatest sons of a blast lineup. #SONSOFBLAST

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Explosive Racer S/Race Rush

Carving aesthete

Carving aesthete S/Max Blast


Piste performer S/Max 10

What is your blast?

Salomon Blast / Explosive racer

S/Race Rush

S/RACE RUSH SL is a high performance piste rocket with Edge Amplifier technology, that moves effortlessly between turns and holds an edge on hard ice or perfect groomers.
Salomon Blast / Carving aesthete

S/Max Blast

S/MAX BLAST is your weapon for speed and precision. Full speed comes from a full woodcore, full sandwich sidewall construction, and double titanium reinforcement. Shaped for precision and flow between turns, it will tempt you to find your own limit.
Salomon Blast / Piste performer

S/Max 10

S/MAX 10 gives you instant access to feeling the perfect turn. Built on a powerful and stable sandwich sidewall construction, and supercharged with the new Edge Amplifier system, it will have you laying down fast, precise turns from day one.

they blast
your screen!

Do you know what a rally driver, a wakeboarder champ, a WC racer have incommon… an insatiable thirst for sensations and an astonishing web serie.