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In late June, 30 women athletes, ambassadors and contest winners from 15 different countries spent a few days in beautiful Montenegro to explore, laugh, hike, play, do yoga, laugh, swim, run and spend some quality time out in nature.

The week started with a gathering of Salomon athletes from across the various sports areas that Salomon plays in. The group included professional skiers, snowboarders, trail runners, mountain climbers and more. They were joined by advocates from around the globe and, finally, the 10 winners from #SalomonWMN cliché contest who earned a spot in Montenegro with their creative clichés and photos.

What ensued was something we, as a brand, couldn’t even predict. The gathering of women from various backgrounds, cultures and demographics led to what will likely become lifelong friendships—all started over a love for the outdoors.

Professional snowboarder and Salomon team rider Desiree Melancon summed her experience in an Instagram post:

“I think about the friends I made, the rare opportunity to find myself in such an unknown place/space, opening mindsets and challenging preconceived notions of what to expect. The setting was 2013 Pinterest DIY mixed with ‘adventure blogger.’ I had the feeling I didn’t fit in, but I soon remembered that settings don’t dictate characters. A quick adjustment of attitude and a few beers curbed my concerns. The adventure would begin with an open heart and open mind. We hiked to see sights, kicked dust, didn’t rush, felt sweat and sun and heard the stories of how Montenegro began…”

And professional alpinist, rock climber and skier Liz Sansoz also posted her feelings after a few days with like-minded, inspiring women:

“I’m more used of being tight in with a very close friend in the mountains, with the sound of the wind, the sound of us moving on snow, rock or ice. Of speaking just the necessary words of a climbing party. I like things being calm and quiet and simple and, to be honest, I was unsure how I would enjoy a trip with 30 outdoor-enthusiastic women. This trip went beyond everything I expected! It was tons of laughers, tons of great energy, tons of interesting talk and fun women to play and hang out with. You are all amazing, beautiful and with a special talent, which is your strength. And it was also very fun to catch up with the other Salomon athletes.”

3 women hiking back wmn logo hanging 2 women hiking side

Photos by Dom Granger ©