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In September, 7 lucky runners, the members of the MRC*, were offered the exceptional opportunity to spend an intimate 24 hours with Kilian Jornet in Chamonix, the day after the 2017 Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB). Two pairs of tailor-made S/LAB ME:sh running shoes were delivered to their new owners by Kilian himself. 

“I delivered two pairs to people who just bought ME:sh shoes and that was cool. We spent one full day together, so we had time to talk and it was a very cool ambience,” Jornet added. “I think that as athletes we have the luck of having customized shoes for our needs—based on our foot anatomy and our running form, and of course our cosmetic preferences as well—and it’s great to have this technology available for everybody.”

As one of initiators of the ME:sh program to make customized running shoes available to everybody, Kilian has been involved since the beginning. Participants had many questions on the ME:sh program—the backstage creation, the development process of a shoe and how it’s made for each runners’ specific feet.

The feedback from the seven ME:sh runners in attendance was that co-creation and open discussions are the highlights of the ME:sh project. The runners were delighted that a brand could help them design their own shoe and propose them a program such as ME:sh Running Club.

“I use a wide range of Salomon products and also other outdoor brands and the ability to interact with designers, product managers and athletes is something I always wanted,” said Florent Lesueur, a participant of the ME:sh project.

The runners were also eager to talk about the future of the sport, the evolution of races and the role of federations. The highlight was a 13 km mixed weather run with Kilian, who explained his original way of acclimatizing in high mountains and gave a few personnel tips of what works and what doesn’t.

“The day with this ME:sh group was great because we’re creating a community of people with different passions for trails and running,” Jornet said. “Some came from Paris and they run to stay fit, while some were more focused on racing. So it was different profiles and it’s great to take everyone into the mountains and also have some nice talks. There was a coach there talking about nutrition, and a physiotherapist and some discussion about equipment and the interests of each person. It was really interesting to meet people with something in common, and that is a passion for running.”

Those who spend time around Kilian Jornet understand that there is always a before and an after meeting him. He builds a connection with people in a humble, yet very charming way. Kilian arrived with a friendly “Hi, guys!” and took time to answer their questions, one by one. Topics ranged from his Everest adventure, danger and safety issues in the mountains, the UTMB race and how he maintains his focus.

The attendees were impressed by Kilian’s genuine aura and the fact he’s very natural and easy to be around. They felt fortunate to spend such time with Kilian and to be introduced into the passionate ME:sh family.

“A special and big thanks to Kilian for his kindness and nonstop presence during these 24 hours with us,” said Bruno Lanfumey, one fo the runners who spent the day with Kilian. “All the team has been amazing and there is one thing that is certain today: you have succeeded in engraving Salomon in my heart.”

*ME: sh Running Club (MRC) is different from any other running club. In MRC the key words are: friendship, sharing and creativity. Each owner of the ME: sh is a custom member with his unique number of membership, but not only - all running lovers are welcome to enjoy many activities of the club. The only rules - respect and style.

The event with Kilian Jornet in Chamonix was the first taste of many exciting opportiunities for the MRC coming in 2018. Stay informed by becoming a member of the forum.