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In the summer of 2016, Kilian Jornet came to Salomon’s Active/Protective department, whichmanages the development of things like sunglasses, goggles, helmets, backprotectors and ski poles. He shared with the team his initial mission to climbMt. Everest in November 2016.

In order to be fully protected from the sun, he asked the team to design and fine-tune his existing sunglasses, the Sagarmatha model, into specific and dedicated glacier use sunglasses. Jornet had two main requests: he wanted ultimate protection from the sun and a perfect fit.

To achieve sunglasses that would deliver the ultimate protection, the Salomon development team engineered leather shields for maximum protection against extreme weather conditions (wind and sun). The team selected the best optic lens high quality from Zeiss, with maximum filtration in category 4 for extreme glare reduction.

“To reach perfect fit, we have designed and patterned the leather shields to perfectly enveloped Kilian’s face,” says Anne Dupre, Active Protective Marketing Manager for Salomon.

The Sagarmatha Glacier sunglasses, developed by and for Kilian Jornet, are the ultimate protection and resistance sunglasses for authentic and true passionatemountaineers, with a design focus on small faces who play in high altitudeenvironments. The Sagarmatha Glacier sunglasses are available on andat Salomon brand stores.

Those with medium to large faces should look to the Kangtega Glacier sunglasses, also available on and at Salomon brand stores.