Men's Backpacks

Our specialised Salomon backpacks have been engineered to get you out there without getting in your way. Whether you’re skiing or hiking, trail running or mountaineering, our backpacks combine comfort and convenience so you can start exploring with confidence.
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The best for your back A well-chosen backpack is the guarantee for a good outing. An essential companion for your hikes, trail outings or mountaineering sessions, a backpack should not make any concessions on comfort. At Salomon, we have designed technical and very functional bags that can be used for all sports activities and everyday explorations. With their many storage compartments, Salomon backpacks have been designed to hold all your essential equipment when you go out, from food to spare personal belongings. Comfortable and ventilated, you'll forget you're wearing them even during your long walks in the mountains. Our fully adjustable bags provide an optimal balance. Your back will thank you. Many formats are available to suit all excursions, from day trips to week-long treks. With Salomon backpacks, get ready for long adventures.