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How to get up after falling on cross-country skis


Taking a fall is all part of cross-country skiing, whether you are practicing or learning the classic or skate style. If you fall, no worries, you’ll just have to remove a bit of snow from your hair! Here is some advice to help you get up easily and carry on with a smile!

Put your skis across the trail

If you fall going uphill or downhill, start by placing your skis across the trail so you don’t slide when you start to get up.

To get up, use your hands or a pole and simply pivot your body around your hips.

If you lose your balance during a descent where other skiers arrive quickly, try to move to the edge of the slope before getting up to avoid a collision. If you are classic cross-country skiing, move out of the groomed tracks quickly.

Getting up after a fall in cross-country skiing

Once you are in position, with your skis going across the trail, use your arms to help yourself get up rather than your poles as it’s a lot easier.

Then, all you need to do is brush yourself down, smile, and carry on!

skis cross each other during a fall

What to do if your skis cross each other during a fall?

If your skis cross each other leaving you stuck in the middle of the trail, don’t panic!

The same as with a fall in classic style skiing, start by putting your skis across the slope. Next, step out of one of your bindings so you can uncross your legs. With your hands, your pole and your free foot you will be able to get up without any trouble.

Remove any snow out of your bindings and skis before stepping back in. Smile…. and ski on!

When you learn how to cross-country ski, falling is part and parcel of the process, as it is for all winter sports. You can pass this advice onto children so that they can quickly learn how to get up without your help. If you have a problem after a fall, don’t hesitate to ask some passing skiers, they will probably be happy to help you.

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