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UTMB winner Courtney Dauwalter discusses how she trains for ultra-races, the secret to her mental strength during a race, and why any run that ends with a cold beer is a good run, in the 4th episode of the Salomon Après-Hour Podcast. And, as a bonus, the former schoolteacher offers a little advice for all homeschooling parents out there during these challenging times.


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If you're a trail running fan, then you know who Courtney Dauwalter is. She grew up in Minnesota and comes from a Nordic ski and cross-country running background that built her love for competition and endurance sports. She started long-distance running with 50km races, then 50 miles races, and quickly went above and beyond. In the past few years, she has won the Moab 240 in 2017, ran the Tahoe 200 in under 50h, came second on the 2018 Big Backyard's Ultra (a last-man-standing race) and won the famed UTMB in 2019, for her first participation. She has beaten all or most men in a number of long-distance races, making her one of the best ultra trail runners of today.

In this new episode of the Salomon Après-Hour Podcast, she discusses her background, training for ultras and what she enjoys outside of running. She also details what it's like to train during the current pandemic, and how it might affect her race plans for this year.

If you want to know more about Courtney, click here to watch her Salomon TV episode at the Tahoe 200 ultra in 2018.

courtney running western states 100
courtney finish line western states 100