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If you’ve just scored a new running backpack or hiking backpack, that’s awesome! Now’s the time to pimp it out with Salomon’s men’s backpack accessories. Our Custom Quiver carries your hiking poles or trail running poles securely and efficiently. And if you’re looking for something to stick inside it check out our strong, lightweight SENSE trekking poles and SENSE Ultra Foldable poles.

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    A new hiking backpack or trail running backpack will open up whole new horizons by allowing you to go further, faster. And as you go further it makes even more sense to move efficiently and save energy. Especially when travelling on steep terrain, a pair of stiff, lightweight poles like our SENSE trail running poles poles save your energy, provide power and stability, and help you avoid obstacles. When you’re not using your poles, our innovative Custom Quiver attaches to your sports backpack to provide an easily accessed, secure solution. For a more compact solution, take a look at our SENSE Ultra Foldable poles that break down to a third of the size of regular poles. For more information on using hiking sticks when running check out our article on how to run with poles how to run with poles .