Women's Freeride Snowboards

Women’s freeride snowboards from Salomon are the ultimate powder snowboards with features like Popster wood cores and All Mountain EB that enables these boards to ride fast, provide confidence on steep terrain and carve rails on groomers. If you’re looking for a true alpine snowboard, you’ve come to the right place.

    Women - Women's Freeride Snowboard
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      Women - Women's Freeride Snowboard
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        Women - Women's Freeride Snowboard
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        Ride it like you stole it. When your focus in snowboarding turns more towards riding powder and going fast it’s time to look for a freeride snowboard. But what is a freeride snowboard exactly? And how is a freeride snowboard different than an all mountain snowboard? One of the first things that distinguishes freeride boards is the shape. Our HPS – Annie Boulanger and Bellevue are both tapered directional shapes which are designed to go forward really, really well for those who don’t spend a whole lot of their day riding switch. For those who do ride a fair amount of switch our Pillow Talk is a tapered twin shape that will be comfortable in both freeride and freestyle terrain. In addition, the stance on freeride snowboards is usually set back which helps you float easier in powder. Our freeride boards are also a bit wider, which also helps them float easier and be more maneuverable in powder.