Men's Endurance Nordic Skis

Men’s endurance Nordic skis from Salomon are the perfect solution for making your most productive workouts of the year during the middle of winter. The benefits of cross country skiing has long been recognized by fitness professionals and whether you’re into skating, combi, or classic skin our new lineup of endurance skis will give you the best full-body, low-impact aerobic workouts you can find.
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Feel the burn. Watching expert Nordic skiers glide around a track may look easy but fitness professionals agree that it’s one of the best aerobic workouts around. Why? First off, because it’s a full body workout and no muscle groups are overly stressed. Second, the gliding action of cross-country skiing is low impact and works your muscles and joints in a very natural manner, which means the muscles you build will benefit your daily life. Third, experts say that cross country skiing burns up to 1,100 calories per hour, which is more than any other sport. And fourth, it’s really, really fun. Convinced? Our range of Nordic ski equipment has the perfect setup for you whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced skier. If you need help figuring out what size ski is right for you, our My Custom Ski process helps you to find the perfect ski based on your bodyweight.