Hey I'm Stan Rey and this is my story.
when I was 13 my parents bought me a new pair of ski boots and they bought it a couple sizes too big so I'd grow into it. Our coaches hated it when we waited for our buddies at the bottom of the course so we'd always go around the corner and hide and then wait for our buddies. There usually was like four or five of us, we got together, we'd shred down and we liked this little jump. The run through the trees would end up on the cat track that came back to the lift and I just remember skiing along and it was like snowing pretty hard and I'm like: "I'm gonna air off this pillow" and the pillow ended up right on the cat track.
I aired off this pillow in midair I was like: " oh no!" and I ended up double-ejecting out of my ski boots and off the cat track and my skis were like perfectly sitting on the cat track, ski boots still in the bindings. My buddies got there and I was like hiking out in my socks.
It was pretty funny! I think we were having more fun than everyone else and in the end it probably made us better skiers too because we got to freeski a lot.
Anyways that's my story.