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The very first Salomon Après-Hour Podcast features three guests—Salomon freeski team members Mike Douglas, Chris Rubens and Greg Hill—who sit down for a discussion about the topic of climate change and how it relates to their lives as professional athletes.

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All three of these Canadians have made rather significant changes to their lives in order to lessen their carbon footprint, and it is a topic each is quite passionate about. In this interview, they discuss the changes they made personally to lessen their environmental impact on the world around them, how they see the outdoor industry in relation to climate change and what they are doing to spread their message. 


Mike Douglas, who skiers will know as The Godfather of Freeskiing, has been with Salomon for 20 years. He was instrumental in the creation of the legendary 1080 ski, and is now creating many of the Salomon TV episodes you see as the leader of Switchback Entertainment in Whistler. Switchback Entertainment made the 2016 Salomon TV film Guilt Trip, another environmentally themed film that was set on the Greenland ice sheet. Both Mike and Chris were on that trip and it had a profound impact on them, as discussed in the interview. Mike is now the President of Protect Our Winters Canada.  

Chris Rubens and Greg Hill are professional skiers/adventurers from Revelstoke, British Columbia. Both have starred in episodes of Salomon TV and in their own YouTube series called “Electric Adventures,” in which they forego airplane travel in favor of using Greg’s electric car to take on adventures closer to home. In 2018, Chris and Greg were featured in a Salomon TV episode called The Curve of Time, an environmentally themed film in which they spoke to their future selves in the year 2050. They are both associated with Protect Our Winters, visiting schools across Canada to educate young people on climate change


  • 02:55 : What changes did you undergo to lead a more sustainable life ?
  • 12:07 : Discussion about the “Electric Adventures” episode
  • 15:03 : Discussion about the “Guilt Trip” Salomon TV episode
  • 20:48 : How athletes pushed for more sustainability at Salomon
  • 22:25 : Their influence on the younger generation
  • 24:05 : Discussion about Protect Our Winter
  • 27:58 : Discussion about Salomon’s “Play-Minded” program
  • 34:05 : What’s next?