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Finde die Produkte und hole dir alle Tipps, die du für deinen Sport brauchst.

“Being a model is hard work, but it’s fun as hell.”

That’s what Loïc, our image production guy, tells us every time he comes back to the office from a photoshoot in some really cool mountain location. We believe him…mostly.  

If you think modeling might be for you, Loïc and the marketing team at Salomon are looking for models for upcoming outdoor photo shoots for Salomon. You’ll go to someplace spectacularly scenic with like-minded outdoor people and spend the days posing for one of our all-star photographers. Oh, you’ll also get paid! Obviously.

(To be honest, it doesn’t seem as difficult as Loïc makes it sound, but we will take his word for it.)


group girls models laughing sunset group girls models laughing mountain man dog woman models camping group runners road models

If you are a future marketing professional or maybe an aspiring photographer, it’s also a great opportunity to get a behind-the-lens look at what goes into creating those killer photos you see on Salomon’s various Instagram pages.

What type of person are we looking for? Glad you asked.

We strive to show real outdoor enthusiasts who love spending time practicing the sports we play. Because we tend to shoot next year’s Salomon footwear, apparel, and gear way in advance, we only have sample sizes at the time of our shoots. Still, that usually accommodates a variety of people. Except in footwear. Wearing shoes that are too small all day long is pretty painful. So you must have sample-size feet. That means you would need to be: 

  • Men: UK size 8-9; US size 8.5 - 9.5; European size 42 – 43
  • Women: UK size 5 – 6; US size 6.5 – 7.5; European size 38 - 29   

To be considered, all you have to do is fill out this form. Who know…if you get selected, the runways of Fashion Week could be next.  

woman laughing model shoot