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Finde die Produkte und hole dir alle Tipps, die du für deinen Sport brauchst.

Before he departed for Mt. Everest in August, we asked Kilian Jornet to snap a few photos of the gear and apparel he would be bringing to Everest. Here’s what he provided and a list of what’s there from Salomon.

1. Prototype Salomon Mountaineering Boots - designed specifically for the Everest expedition. They include lightweight prototype trail running shoes (unseen here) that are placed inside the outer boots once Jornet reaches the snow line. 
2. Prototype Salomon Ski Mountaineering Boots - to be used for climbing and skiing on Everest during the “play” time. 
3. Salomon Minim Ski. 
Thin, super lightweight touring skis that Jornet helped design with Salomon engineers.
4. Salomon S-LAB X Alp Carbon GTX® Shoes
5. Salomon X-MAX Goggles
6. Salomon Soft Flasks
7. Salomon X Alp GTX® Pants
8. Salomon X Alp GTX® Jacket
9. Salomon Bonatti Pro Jacket (waterproof)
10. Salomon QST GTX® Gloves
11. Salomon beanie
12. Salomon S-LAB Socks
13. Salomon S-LAB X Alp Baffled Down Jacket 
14. Salomon S-LAB X Alp Down Hoodie
15. Salomon Prototype Mountaineering Poles
16. Salomon S-LAB Prototype Running Shorts
17. Salomon XA Trail Running Cap 
18. Salomon Prototype Jacket

Plus, Salomon Prototype 1-piece high-altitude suit engineered and fully developed by Salomon.