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When the average person contemplates 2000 and the years surrounding, they're likely to reflect on things like "Y2K", Nokia cell phones, the rise of text messaging, reality TV shows, Mariah Carey, Eminem, Napster, and dial-up internet modems. Hip Hop seemed to dominate both the airwaves and the mainstream fashion scene with brands like Tommy, Nautica, Timberland, and Polo. In skateboarding, it was all about puffy shoes, baggy denim, and 7-inch decks. 

halfpipe fs2000
snowboard holding fs2000
bindings holding fs2000
boots sitting fs2000

However, as a snowboarder reflecting back on the two-thousands (regardless of age) you're likely to land on some of the most influential references in our short but continuous timeline. You would probably hear mentions of style icons like David Benedek, Kevin Jones, Eero, MFM, Devun Walsh, and Peter Line. You'd hear a laundry list of production companies and films like the Robot Foot trilogy, Absinthe's Futureproof, Mack Dawg Productions, and Standard Films. IF you lived it, you know it was a time when Transworld Snowboarding issues were burned into our minds paragraph by paragraph and one photo at a time, in our hands. Instagram didn't exist, and any morsel of freestyle snowboarding print or video that was consumed was forever etched into our little eggheads. Snowboarders were still frowned upon by many people, and they were proud of it. 

boots close up fs2000
grab air fs2000
under design fs2000
air grab fs 2000

Like fashion, business, and weather, it appears snowboarding may be cyclical too. We seem to be entering new era, with young riders ushering in the same mentality and counter culture approach that our predecessors embodied. We're proud to introduce a limited capsule collection of products that celebrates this iconic era in snowboarding. A time that changed the trajectory of our lifestyle and has since been referred to as the defining decade for our sport. Snowboarding as we know it was shaped by those riders with bold style, inventive tricks, and colorful personalities. The FS2000 collection takes inspiration from those pinnacle years in an effort to empower the future with a timeless attitude, outlook, and style in which to move forward. 

nose tap fs2000
back boardslide fs2000

FS2000 exclusive dealer list:


  • Les Moise - Brookfield, WI
  • Powder Tools - Steamboat, CO
  • Milosport - Salt Lake City, UT
  • Milosport - Auburn, CA
  • World Boards - Bozeman, MT
  • Snowboard Jones - Manchester, NH
  • The Loft - Tannersville, PA
  • Buckmans - Montgomeryville, PA
  • Ski Pro - Mesa, AZ



  • Boutique Adrenaline - Chambly, Québec
  • Showcase - Whistler, British Columbia
  • Rude Boys - Banff, Alberta



  • Blue Tomato - Austria
  • Vision O - Switzerland
  • Berger Sport - Switzerland
  • Fresh Farm - Italy
  • Kläppen Sport Shop - Sweden
  • Transklad - Russia