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To put it simply: Liv Sansoz is a legend.

Alpinist, skier, climber, paraglider and adventurer, Liv has become an integral part of the Salomon family over the past five years. We are grateful to have been able to help her tell her story, and spread her passion for the mountains, to the world. Her project to climb the 82 summits of the Alps above 4,000 meters was one of the many highlights of our time together. This project, and others, uncovered her unique personality, and showed us resilience and determination that we can only aspire to in our own goals. We have learned so much from Liv.

Liv will continue her on path with unlimited passion for the mountain, and she will push the limits of her sports. However, as her next goals center around summiting high mountains and climbing big walls, she has decided that it is best for her to chase these goals with other partners.    

We will miss Liv and wish her the very best. She is a role model for women and men alike in the outdoors, and we will be watching in awe as she continues to climb peaks, set records and inspire us all with her passion and fortitude in the mountains. 

Thanks, Liv. See you in the mountains.  

Bruno Bertrand - Outdoor & Skiing Sports Marketing Manager - Salomon


For the last 5 years I have been collaborating with Salomon and an amazing team of humans. It’s been a beautiful adventure. We worked well on projects, we had some interesting time with the product development teams and, despite the size of the company, the spirit was always like a family spirit. 

Lately, the brand and I started to take some different paths as can happen sometimes. Slowly, the need for some changes became more and more obvious for me. Taking such a decision is never easy, but change always brings something new and makes you grow.  

Behind the name of the company, there are many people at Salomon who make it work, grow and evolve. I’m extremely grateful to everyone for their kindness and the amazing work done together. It’s something we can be very satisfied with. 
I really want to thank all the people I have worked with these last five years. From the sewing ladies to the product development and the marketing and communication department. It’s been a great pleasure and a real adventure to work with such a great team of humans inside a visionary brand.

I really want to give a special thank you to BB (Bruno Bertrand) for all his benevolence, vision of our sports, humanity and understanding on top of all the qualities he has as an athlete manager. There are a few people like him in the outdoor industry and I feel lucky I got to work with him, learn from him and evolve. 

I can’t finish this without speaking of all the amazing athletes from the Salomon team that I got to share time with. You guys are all great, fun, totally crazy and I’ll miss you, though I know our paths will cross again in the mountains. 
Let’s keep the joy and the stoke high and keep acting to protect our playgrounds.  

Liv Sansoz 

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