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Energy, agility, fun: SALOMON Women's snowboards will let you experience the very best sensations every time you go out on the slopes! Discover our complete range of Women's snowboarding equipment: snowboards, boots, bindings, and more. Make your mark on the slopes or in the snowpark thanks to SALOMON expertise!

Boards - Powder/split

Explore beyond the boundaries to find the perfect stash with split board versions of our all mountain boards.

Boards - All mountain

Stability, speed and versatility to extend your riding to new frontiers and terrain.

All mountain freestyle

Have a progression session every time you strap one of these versatile boards to your feet. Energetic, nimble and fun in all conditions.

All mountain freeride

Stability, speed and versatility to extend your riding to new frontiers and terrain.

Boards - Park & Jib

Go big, stick the landing. These boards have the lightweight and energy for both, as well as the tricks you'll do between takeoff and landing.

Boots - Responsive

Go big. These boots provide more support and power for consistent performance at higher speeds and more challenging terrain.

Boots - Medium

An ideal balance between supple feel and smooth flex, these boots help you extend your game to new heights.

Boots - Soft

Soft and light, but big on fit, these boots ensure precision and snow feel while allowing ankle flexion.

Bindings - Medium

Do everything bindings that bridge the mountain from park to peak and back.

Bindings - Soft

Lay down tricks, tweak your grabs and land confidently with these softer flexing bindings.



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