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N STH 10 Silver/Black

STH 10

REF. 367285

Высокие рабочие характеристики креплений для лыжников с небольшим весом, которым необходима дополнительная надежность и точность работы.

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  • Designed For
  • Light weight
  • Lower
  • Performance
  • Fact sheet
  • Weight 1940
  • Din scale 3-10
  • Height in mm 16.5
  • Skier weight (kg) 30-107
  • Skier weight (lbs) 66-235
  • Adjustment range (mm) 28
  • Adjustment range (US sizes) 3.5
  • Weight of 1/2 pair (in g) 970


Adult norms
Vertical progressive pivot
Vertical progressive pivot

A controlled release for backward falls Protection and confidence to gain speed and fun.

SCP pedal - Slider
SCP pedal - Slider

Antifriction system to guarantee release

Automatic Wing adjustement
Automatic Wing adjustement

No handling but automatic adjustment just by step-in. You can forget but nevertheless trust your binding !!.

Automatic toe height adjustment
High Lateral Transmission
High Lateral Transmission

More precision, more control to reach a new level of performance.