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Sports Ranges Colors
  • Designed with Salomon's world class athletes, S-Lab trail running shoes deliver top performance without compromise.


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Куртки - Беговые лыжи

Средний слой - Беговые лыжи

Футболки - Беговые лыжи

Muscle and postural support, and just enough warmth to help you get the most out of every stride.

Брюки - Беговые лыжи

For high intensity training and occasional racing, these pants have a slim silhouette and let you move your legs freely.

Перчатки - Беговые лыжи

From light gloves for high exertion, to warm, protective gloves for severe conditions.

Сумки для спортивного инвентаря - Чехлы для горных лыж

Make it easy to organize and carry your gear, from doorstep to ski slope.

Сумки для спортивного инвентаря - Чехлы для беговых лыж

Protect your equipment when you are on the go, from 1 pair to several.

Сумки для спортивного инвентаря - Чехлы для лыжных ботинок

Пояса и наладонники - Пояса и наладонники

Form-fitting and stretch comfort, belts for carrying just the essentials or a whole day’s worth of supplies.

Лыжи - Коньковый ход


Top level glide, smooth, efficient kick and enough stability to bring confidence during racing or training, these skis are used and loved by racers and trainers at all levels.

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