SLab X-Race SLm 12.5 Plate SLab X-Race SLm 12.5 Plate


REF. 355859

硬い斜面で最大限の正確性と加速性能を生み出す、高性能SL モデル。ワールドカップの実戦で開発されたXX プレートが、究極のパワーとグリップ力を生み出す。
165 118.5/66.5/102.5 (165cm) 12.5
155 112.5/65.7/97.5 (155cm) 12.3
+ X19 LAB = ¥162,750
+ X16 LAB = ¥150,150
+ X12 LAB = ¥144,900
+ Z14 SPEED = ¥144,900
+ Z12 SPEED = ¥139,650

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Size (cm) 165
Tip (mm) 118.5
Waist (mm) 66.5
Tail (mm) 102.5
Radius (M) 12.5
Weight TBD
Factory waxing
Designed standard Race split base
Base insert
Base insert

Extra-durable base material inserted along the edges of the ski under the foot, prevents base from being "burned" by icy conditions when skiing at high speed.

Slalom Tip Protector
Pulsepad : Rubber strip above edge
Monocoque Titanium
Monocoque Titanium

Active Dampening System made of Titanium brings together performance and control, comfort and confidence on on-piste high performance skis. A titanium barrunning the length of the ski, embedded in a sheath of rubber, substantially diminishes vibrations improves ski to snow contact acceleration.

Active Contact Sidewalls
Active Contact Sidewalls

Mid Sandwich construction (20%) - For more progressive edging in super aggressive piste conditions on the World Cup Tour, - More control and better "power dosage"

X bindings
Z-Speed bindings
Race plate XX
Race plate XX

Original Slalom Worldcup RACE plate. Enourmous powertransmission for a great grip and quick edge to edge play. Full Flex to allow a natural flex of the ski for perfect carving turns. Perfectly distributed power transmission under the feed plus anti virbrations rubber inserts allow a precise carving.

Edge Bevel
Edge Recess
Wood (50% Beech / 50% Poplar)
Wood (50% Beech / 50% Poplar)

High density beech, full wood core from tip to tail, provides maximum precision and rebound. More than 50% beech.