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  • Designed with Salomon's world class athletes, S-Lab trail running shoes deliver top performance without compromise.


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Running shoes - Trail running

On alpine trails

Feel safe running higher in the mountains. Protection for on-and-off-trail, on steep hills, on snowy peaks and many more adventures

On technical trails

Run with confidence on technical trails in these shoes that deliver protection, stability and precise fit.

On light trails

Lightweight and precise, these shoes combine ground feel and essential protection for speed and comfort on smoother trail surfaces.

Jackets - Running

Protection from the elements, with motion comfort and breathability ideal for cold weather running.

Midlayers - Running

Breathable warmth that lets you move and dries quickly for year round running in cool to cold weather.

Tees - Running

Comfortable, breathable, and fast drying, these tees let you move and won't weigh you down, for a better run everytime

Pants - Running

Light, warm, comfortable bottoms that dry quickly and provide light support.

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